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Incomparable Ceramic buttons from Buttonmad whose factory near Johannesburg employs women, many of whom have worked there for many years. Workers are trained and encouraged to develop new skills, paid a fair wage, with good working hours and conditions. The buttons come in a wide variety of designs, from quirky novelties, to fashion buttons big and small, in many styles and colours. Something to suit everyone, they are loved by textile designers: knitters, quilters, stitchers, weavers, 'up-cyclers' and feltmakers.
Ideal to customise a high street garment, revamp a vintage treasure, or add something special to a gift. Many people buy them 'just because'....!
Current best sellers include hearts, hearts and more hearts...
Also from Incomparable Ceramic heart pendants which can be made into necklaces, added to gift wrap, or used in many different ways. And not forgeting valentines...

Ceramic beads - a new product: Beautiful artisan made beads from Earthbutter in South Africa. ...
These beads are made to order - so each bead strand is unique. New stock, and new designs are added as we receive them.
I do occassional craft fairs myself, and have started displaying them on corrugated card. We have also supplied them to customers this way, on request. Please see more details under the ceramic bead section.
We also have SETS of similar beads, in 3 sizes - ideal for the base of a simple necklace, for example.

Silk and Organza Flowers from Izimbali- the 'flower girls' of Soweto - previously unemployed women who, after extensive training are able to work in their own homes around their family life.
These beautiful flowers in a wide range of colours are made from silk, organza and taffeta, and add a finishing touch to any outfit or handmade bag.

Paper Beads from Mothers 4 All, based in Botswana. The beads are made from waste posters, wrapping paper etc, which would otherwise end up as rubbish. Their aim is to develop a sustainable model of support for carers of orphans, and children made vulnerable by the AIDS epidemic. The beads come un-varnished, but a coat or two of varnish does make them very durable. If you would like them supplied this way, please get in contact and we'll see what we can do.


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Retail customers you can find details of some of our stockists above.

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All the new buttons Incomparable have introduced since ZTCo has been trading are on half sized card and many of the older codes have been changing to this size too.
They have recently been reviewing and making catalogue changes, including putting most codes onto half size cards. We will continue to supply them as shown until our stocks change from full to half size.
They are also going to be bringing out some brand new codes in the near future.

Please be aware that Incomparable will be making some other changes too. Some cards will have a reduced number of buttons and others are being discontinued.
Whilst we have continued to hold stock of previously discontinued codes which our customers have asked for, we feel it is time to review what we hold in stock too. So please keep an eye on our site and don't miss out on our clearance sales, and other changes.

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